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Fusi is an Electronics Design Services Company. We offers design products and services for innovative electronics solutions. We believes that a better world is reinforced through technology. Equipped with various expertise and advance technologies know-how, especially on Integrated Circuit and Embedded System Designs, we provides a very competitive and reliable services.

As an Original Design Manufacturer Company, provides a very competitive products for industrial and business purpose. We are leading technology company focusing on delivering high quality product to end consumer as well as building integrated solution system for corporate or industries. Our vision is to create a better world through technology. With supports from our resources and experienced development teams, we are sure to deliver only the best products.

We are ready to work with your company for the success your product by focusing on fast time-to-market, competitive cost, rich features and high quality deliverable. Fusi has many competent resources to work on latest/emerging technology worldwide.

Fusi have been starting outsourcing business since 2005 and the clients come from different countries such as Japan, Singapore, as well as Indonesia. Many different kind of products have been developed, such as: MPEG Controller Chip Design, Wireless Modem Chip Enhancement, Cash Register Controller chip, Razor Digital, Controller chip, DVB-T baseband chipset, ADS-B Receiver (Airplane Tracking), Heartbeat detector, Radar Digital Display, Monitoring system, Single carrier digital communication device, FSK modulated communication, M2M Wireless Sensor design using ATMega with Bluetooth, WiFi and GSM connectivity, Logistic / Courier GPS tracking system, NFC transaction and communication + android mobile app, NFC-enabled WiFi Access Point.


Octopus IoT Platform

Octopus IoT Suite, the Fusi’s core software platform for IoT solutions, connects more than 10 million devices – vehicles, sensors in urban and agricultural applications or gateways in buildings.


IoT platform for all domains, such as agriculture, energy, homes & buildings, retail, mobility, and manufacturing


Basis on which Fusi, its customers, and partners build a broad range of IoT solutions, services, and projects


Supporting IoT developers create, implement, and maintain IoT applications in a fast, easy, and secure way


Based on industry standards and open source